The Real X files: America's Psychic Spies


Country of Origin: The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland (UK)

Language: English

Runtime: 60 min.

Age Rating: None

Director: Bill Eagles

Writer: Jim Schnabel

Release Date: 1993

Camera: Richard Numeroff

Cut: David Head

Music: Paul Hamblin, Sean O'Neill

Production Company: Channel Four Productions, Discovery Channel, Wall to Wall Television


Jim Schnabel, Mel Riley, Stansfield gymnast, Ed Thompson, John Alexander, Hal Puthoff, Ingo Douglas Swan (Ingo Swann), Keith Haray, Edward A. Dames (Ed Dames), Leonard E. Hartin (Lyn Buchanan), Linda Buchanan, Christine Dames


Alex Graham


Since the 1970s, the American secret service has been intensively researching the existence and possible use of paranormal techniques in intelligence gathering and psychological warfare. The result of years of US Government-funded research at the renowned Stanford Research Institute (SRI) is the technique of Remote Viewing. This technique makes it possible to recognize and describe in detail things, persons, events and places independent of local and temporal boundaries. Dozens of military personnel have been trained as Remote Viewers. The work of these PSI agents is documented in detail in this film. For the first time, Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) senior officers, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) scientists and Remote Viewers talk about the amazing success of this secret military development.